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How to get over feeling jealous and like **** over my boyfriend getting a lot of attention?

My boyfriend is starting off his music career and is posting music on spotify, posting singing videos on Instagram, twitter, and TikTok and they're recently blowing up. He gets soooo much attention saying his voice in angelic, amazing etc... but what really bothers me are the women and men hitting on him. They say disgusting things like "**** me" "Have my babies" "Let me **** you" etc... and it makes me so uncomfortable and is kind of making me want to stop talking to him. This also happens in real life (Not to that extent but people walk up to him and ask for his number or call him beautiful). I used to never have a problem with it but now I am and its making me go crazy. I don't want to end our 1 year relationship and idk how to stop feeling like this. I feel worthless, stupid, and that'll he'll just leave me because I'm not good enough. SOMEONE HELP

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    You have not yet made a special place in his heart yet so chances are this relationship with him will not last forever plus this attitude that you have now is disgusting.

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