Christians, in the Bible, "wisdom," is often referred to as in the feminine. Why?

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    Like most languages, Hebrew has masculine and feminine nouns. The distinction does not have to do with any sexual associations with the concept involved but with word endings. The main Hebrew word for wisdom, chokemah, ends in -ah; therefore it is feminine.

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    I think "wisdom" was commonly associated with the "feminine dynamic" of the cosmos, "Mother Nature", in many ancient cultures.  Feminine energy is more "calming" and "soothing", made to keep masculine energy from becoming too "coarse" and "rough".  In civilized societies, the sophisticated and higher minded man, is more tamed and educated, valuing wisdom as a prominent virtue.  

    Wisdom signifies 'restraint and composure' (which comes from the instinct to provide for and protect women) in man, who would otherwise be driven by our primitive and lower minded nature.  The construction of societies is rooted in the feminine view, which seeks the security and comfort of the, figurative and literal, walls of society.  

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    Wisdom is personified as a woman who has much to offer—including “enduring wealth and prosperity” and “life”—to anyone who would heed her words (Proverbs 8:18, 35).

    Except for some personal pronouns, English does not use grammatical gender (classifying words as masculine, feminine, or neuter). However, the Hebrew language (in which Proverbs was written) does use grammatical gender, much like Spanish, French, and many other languages do. Herein is our problem. “She,” as we understand it, is not necessarily “she” as it was intended in Hebrew.

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    Because it's equally valid to refer to God as feminine.

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    I know the answer but christians and some of the Jews aren't gonna like it.

    As a small hint, the answer is recorded in the books of Deuteronomy, 1 Kings and 2 Kings.

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    Perhaps as a complement to God's masculinity, making them a good pair.

    But I have heard that Wisdom represents Ashtoreth, or God's wife.

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    In some languages words have genders .

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      and the Bible was not written in English

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    It's just a convention. Any abstract concept or inanimate objects are referred to with the female pronoun.

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