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Why are my guppies flashing occasionally? Please help!?

I set up my tank September 21 about a month ago. It is 10 gallons and has 3 live plants and a few decorations and I use an LED light. I let it start the cycle without fish but using fish flakes instead for about a week and I use QuickStart. Then I decided to put my baby betta fish in that tank so it could help the process. I removed my betta 3 days later and put him in another tank and replaced him with 3 female guppies. I did daily water changes 25%-75% for about 3 or so weeks (I use stress coat). I don’t have a test kit but I observed my fish so if I noticed any weird behavior I would change the water with a gravel vacuum. Everything was good except for one of the females was being extremely aggressive so I removed her and another female after she gave birth to 5 guppy fry. I bought a new male so I ended up with only 2 adults and 5 fry during this time and flashing was extremely rare. A week later (today) I received 10 more guppy fry 1-6 weeks old. I removed the 5 fry I already had along with the 4 new smallest fry and put them in a separate tank leaving me with 8 guppies in the main 10g tank. The same day I introduced my new fish they flashed a bit including my first male that I had bought. They don’t do it all the time it’s very occasionally that they will & I’ve seen the male do it the most. They act normal swimming around looking for food, mating, there is no signs of any disease aggression in my fish. Its been a month of cycling my tank & this has been my only problem.

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    Your fish may be infected! I would recommend putting around 3-4 caps of chlorine in the tank so the fish may absorb it and stimulate normal conditions.

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    Since you mated them, your going to need a much bigger tank. Guppies can produce 40 or more fry and they retain sperm, so your going to get a lot more even if you remove the males.

    The flashing could be from irritation, or normal mating behaviour from the females and males, because they have already been mated they don't want more attention from the males they sometimes do that as well to show their irritation.

    I had 5 guppies, 3 female and 2 male, a huge tank and ended up with around 140 in a few months and around 400 by the end. Unfortunately for me the heater broke and cooked all my fish. But once they start to multiply, it's going to get out of control in a few months. Plus no one will buy them or take them off your hands because pet shops know the risks with mated guppies and they are already overstocked.

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