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Men are more disadvantaged in society today. So why are women the “oppressed” ones?

Men’s behaviour is policed more than women’s due to toxic masculinity and we are disadvantaged in so many systems. 

For every aspect of society women have it worse I can name 3 that men have it worse. 

•We aren’t allowed to father our own kids unless the mother says so 

•We lose everything after a divorce 

•We get longer prison sentences for the same crimes 

•Education and business ownership systems try to benefit women/girls 

•Lack of empathy towards Male mental health. •72% of people who report depression are female but 75% of suicides are male 

•A man’s worth in society is what he can provide for women and children, his feelings don’t matter

•We are victims of unprovoked violent crimes on a much higher scale 

We also keep the world going round working dangerous or manual labour jobs. Army, police, fire brigade, farmers, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. 90% male occupied.

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  • 1 month ago

    Cry me a river!

    • Taylor1 month agoReport

      3rd time, if I was a woman posting disadvantages they have in society you wouldn’t be telling me to cry you a river 

  • 1 month ago

    Correct. Men are now the oppressed ones

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    True story from a female friend that works in bridge construction; I'm at dunks on coffee break. Two goons walk in - in suits.. legit stood next to me. One says " I like your outfit".. I ignore him. He says " look at this, a woman tryin to do a man's job, this world is disgusting". At that point, I turned around and said, Not only do I do the work of ten men in one day, Ill beat you and you like a man, and you can go back to your office and tell everyone what happened". He didn't know what to say. And.. then offered to pay for my coffee.

    Bottom line is, not all women work in an office and not all men do construction. We are all Equal and Ill equally hurt your feelings if need be.

    She's also a single mom of 4 whose husband walked out on her. So regarding the statements made in your question - STFU.

    • Taylor1 month agoReport

      If I was a woman listing off aspects of society where women have it worse than men you wouldn’t be telling me to STFU

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    I think part of the problem is the "woe is me" generation spends most of its time crying like a girl over how difficult life is. Be a man and live your life. Don't get all rattled about the BS. Don't get all upset over the #Igotfeltuptoo condemnation. Don't get annoyed that more is expected of you. Of the few real men left in the world, we are stronger and more is expected of us. The feminization of men is good for no one. Not the men who are becoming women and not the women who will someday realize that they are better off with real men close by. The toxic masculinity term was invented to describe men who are normal men who don't bend to the new nonsense that demands all things be the same. When the 6-3 football player looking guy with a beard walks in wearing pumps and heels walks in, it may be impolite to laugh, but it is a natural reaction. Don't let the nonsense get to you. The pendulum will swing back to common sense, to men being men and women being women, and to a world where we all get along...both of the two genders.

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  • Man Up brother and stop whining, you are embrassing yourself

    You want a Man Month?

    • Seriously?
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      No, but someone else just like you would say something similar in response.. I've read all of your questions from the account you made just two days ago. Misandry comes to mind. You should seek help.

  • 1 month ago

    Oh meemaw another whiny right wing victim. Go find a safe space blue boy.

    • Taylor1 month agoReport

      Mad cus I’ve got abs? Or you mad that I speak the truth about my gender being significantly more disadvantaged than yours

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What an absolutely vile excuse of a human you are. Not even wasting my time reading the rest of this utter bullshit.

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