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Psychology: May someone explain this to me, please?

So I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety when I was a teenager. But when I became an adult, I now see a psychiatric nurse practitioner rather than my psychiatrist who knows my family like the back of his hand (because my family can’t afford him anymore). She diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and ADHD, which I’m not sure why.

But I’ve realized, since last night, that when I’m thinking negatively about something. Like if I have a fixed belief that every word said is about me, part of me will still have the rational thought, “That’s not possible. People have their own lives; it’s impossible for everyone to think negatively about you. They’re going on with their own lives,” or “Even if they were, who really cares?  It’s encouraging you to improve yourself more.” But I still feel miserable, yet I realize things like this?

May someone kindly explain this? (It’s not a voice, by the way. I don’t hear voices.)

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    This is part of your OCD.

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    i would ask your nurse practicioner about it

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    what are you miserable about? you have shown that you can rationalise so thats a positive. Make a list of all the things in life that make you happy and just strive to do these things everyday or work towards them (like going on holiday or whatever).

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