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My cousin keeps getting bullied at school what should I do ?

My cousin (who’s really like my brother his mom and my mom are twins ) over the summer came out of the closet and openly said he was gay and he’s been bullied in school all year. I have been suspended for fighting his battle and told by the principle if I get in another fight I will be kicked off the football team but the principle literally does nothing about kids picking on my cousin so what should I do allow someone to bully my own blood ? The school won’t do anything.

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Your cousin's parent(s) need to schedule a meeting with this Principal to demand action on the anti-gay bullying. School districts get sued for this kind of thing and if the school won't take reports from students seriously the adults are going to have to get involved.

  • Alan H
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    2 months ago

    Report the bullying to the school

    Do not be a bully in response

    It is both foolish and immature to take vigilante action

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