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atheists, is it true what Christian say that you Atheists believe in the supernatural too. .?

you believe in the existence of infinity, which is by definition supernatural since all things in nature have limits, a beginning and an end

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    Why would we need to believe in any infinities? I don't know of anything that's infinite. There are some places the word pops up like the infinite density of a black hole, but that doesn't mean there's an actual infinite thing there. It's still a specific amount of mass and energy. It's just that spacetime stops existing as a thing that has volume and you need a completely different way to describe it.

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    Atheism = lack of belief in 'god(s)', that's it.

    Your strawman is on fire.

  • Cowboy
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    The supernatural exists only in one's mind, just like god and heaven......and hell...

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  • Caesar
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    No is not true and I will ask for your definition of infinity to make some informed assertion. Atheists just honestly do not believe in the invisible entities some theists call gods...

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    Infinity is no more supernatural than the largest possible number.

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    No because athee-evos have a different definition of supernatural than the rest of us. Below is in essence their definition.

    supernatural, noun

    1. something that can never have ever happened in the past nor could ever happen now or in the future.

    2. an event of which there is no natural explanation for AT THIS TIME; of course one day scientists will figure it all out--guaranteed.

    So for example (and I kid you not; I've seen this in this very forum), if someone claimed they were a prophet and could predict the future, and so under the athee-evo's own controlled conditions, they correctly predicted the results of a coin toss one million times in a row, such would be attributed to the claimant as a "very lucky guesser" (or the athee-evo was so stupid, he or she just could never come up with any controlled conditions that worked).

    • Word, you missed the whole point. The point is if that ever did happen or some similar "wonder", there's simply no way ever that an athee-evo would concede the supernatural happened, even if it happened right in front of their very eyes. Jesus as much said so (Lk 16:31). God bless you (1Pet 3:9).

  • Word
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    I don't believe in the "existence" of infinity. I believe in the concept of infinity.

  • barty
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    Christians will twist anything to pretend atheists are just like they are, as if what they are is shameful.

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    No that's not true. What I find weird is how some Christians try to attack atheism by giving it the same qualities as theism. All this argument is saying is, "see, you believe in the supernatural too. Therefore you're just as stupid as we are!" I really don't understand.

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    Nothing Christians say about atheists is true.

    • Cogito
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      Why ask atheists anything if you're just going to block us?
      The only thing which defines us as atheists is that we don't believe that God exists.
      That's all the word means.
      Some atheists might believe in the supernatural - some might not. We all have different ideas about any other subject.

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