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Identify three main processing problems + students who exhibit them from this

Six people volunteered for the high school yearbook committee: Ben, Mei, Jeff, Christina, Sasha, and Tariq. The first time the group met, a teacher posted a list of tasks including photography, copy, design, layout, and editing. Sasha and Jeff dominated the conversation at the first meeting and presented their respective visions for the yearbook.

When Mei suggested a graphic novel theme, Sasha told her it was a bad idea because it would be too labour intensive and none of them were artists. Christina remarked that she was a pretty good artist, but Ben made a snide comment about Christina's artistic abilities. Jeff liked Mei's idea, so the rest of the meeting was taken up with Sasha and Jeff arguing, rather than formulating goals, targeting timelines, and assigning tasks.

At the second meeting, nobody could remember if anything has been decided about who was doing what. And although Ben and Tariq had expressed interest in taking photos at the school dance, neither showed up. There was content to be edited too, but no one volunteered. Now, the publisher has contacted the school to say that if the committee doesn't have a section draft complete in two weeks, they won't be able to publish the yearbook for the school.

"Come up with solutions and present them in the persona of the student"

I'm just confused on how I go about this. I'm not asking for the answer, im just asking for help understanding.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Even in this category your question(s) need to be short. You have way too much info.

  • Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Essentially, group discussions can go way off topic and lead to unnecessary arguments. Let's look at the facts. There is a deadline of 2 weeks. So, a valid idea is to have the students pull out a calendar and write down manageable tasks each person can do each day. They should write down ideas and assign each person to a task that is labeled on the calendar. Then they should meet back up a week before the deadline, review their work, and figure out the next tasks to put on the calendar.

  • JOHN
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    The meeting, such as it was, was hijacked by two dominant characters, Sasha and Jeff, and lost its principal focus, which was to come up with proposals/decisions for photography, copy, design, layout and editing. The first question is what to do with Sasha. He is clearly bursting with energy – and aggression – and I would propose we harness his energy and drive by making him chair of the committee and charging him with responsibility for delivering concrete proposals for implementing the five main goals of the meeting. Mei’s and Christina’s ideas for a graphic theme should be explored further and any potential there encouraged and developed. Jeff seems suitable for an editorial role, and Ben’s and Tariq’s expressed interest in the photography should be taken up. With involvement in the project, commitment bids fair to follow. Their past unreliability may well have been due to a lack of encouragement and support. In summary, reconstitute and formalise the committee, and proceed in accordance with the plan outlined here.

    We should get cracking with this plan, as we have a two week deadline to meet.

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