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why do you I keep spraining my ankles?

a few years ago I sprained my ankle really bad and had it treated but never did physical therapy, since then my ankle would give out on me out of no where and would always sprain it a bit but I also was a bit heavy but ive lost a lot of weight then so I originally thought it was that. a few months ago I sprained the other ankle going on a run after not being active for a few weeks and it was pretty bad but I never went to a doctor and treated it myself at home. Today I was walking to the store and was going down this little hill and my ankle that I sprained first just gave out on me and I sprained it again. I seem to sprain both ankles out of no where whether I am doing physical activity or just walking because sometimes I step wrong and it just happens. what should I do and why does it keep happening ? I feel like it has been limiting me from running and playing sports because im kind of scared of hurting it again. I love running too its always been something I do a few times a week or month but now I can't. im 19, thanks for any help in advance !

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    You can get caught in a cycle where you injure yourself, and the muscles take time to heal and maybe don't heal quite right. Then they're weak from lack of use and healing wrong, so they're more susceptible to a secondary injury.

    Try to see a physical therapist. I've managed to injure myself several times, and physical therapy really does help. They can figure exactly where your problem areas are and give you exercises targeted at that area. I have balance issues due to weak ankles and have worked with several PTs to improve both strength and balance and have made a lot of progress. You can also sometimes buy cheap equipment from them, then continue working at home.

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    Because your ankles are weak and lack flexibility. I would suggest that you do the PT. You should be doing toe raises , walk on your heels, walk on you toes, achilles stretches etc ,

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