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How to get an editor if poor?

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    I love beta readers and my critique group, but neither one takes the place of a developmental editor. Highly skilled people in either category can help you with line edits for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and possibly spot goofs (if the guy shaves his head in chapter ten, how does someone pull his hair in chapter sixteen? Like that), but what you get from a skilled editor goes far beyond that.

    I'm pretty solid on grammar and mechanics, but I still benefit fro pro-level edits.

    If you're poor, then you do four things:

    1) Join or form a critique group in which you all note what's good and what's not good in each other's manuscripts, including mistakes an editor would catch.

    2) Based on critiques, you clean up your entire manuscript, even if the critique group only saw a little of it. That means understanding every correction anyone made on your writing, so you can identify and fix the same error when it appears again. Which it will.

    3) You find a handful of beta readers not in your critique group to read and mark up everything that's less than excellent about your manuscript. Again, you fix up all the marked mistakes and later occurrences.

    4) All the while this has been going on, you save your money so that when the entire manuscript is free of mistakes (you hope!), you can pay an editor to make it even better. A good editor will improve it.

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    Beta-readers is an option, but it takes effort to get good beta-readers. Family and friends are rarely good betas, because they are too nice and/or they don't know the craft.

    I met all of my beta-readers through an online workshop. It took time to build relationships and review other people's work. Not all reviewers are good, which is why you do a lot of reviews; you want to get plenty of return reviews so you can pick the best.

    Keep in mind that you will be expected to return the favour, so choose someone where you can both be of help and stand to read their work. Being "forced" to carefully read through a 80K-100K words poorly written novel can really kill your will to live.

    What works for me is having 5-6 beta-readers, this way I can have three on each novel, have back-ups if someone is busy, and I don't need to ask the same people every time. You'll find out what works for you, though. Some don't have more than one beta-reader.Always thank your beta-readers (even if you don't agree with them) and always give them a solid, proofread draft (proofread by you, save your money/favours for the actual proofread later).

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    Work with a local writers groups where you critique each other's work.

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    A friend or teacher, otherwise, take a month or so off from your finished product, maybe write something else then go look over it with a fresh eye and pick it apart like it's someone else's work.

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    why does being poor stop you

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      Because good editors expect to be paid.

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