Does anyone know if FSD Pharma seems like a good company to invest in sometime in the nearby future?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Nobody knows the future.

    FSD Pharma is an extremely high risk stock. You could easily lose your entire investment if you buy the stock. 

    The good thing about buying the stock is that it could end up multiplying your investment many times. It is not likely, but certainly is possible.

    The company just underwent a 1 for 201 reverse split in an attempt to get listed on a U.S. exchange. So, for example, a person who had owned 1,000 shares last week wold now own four shares.

    A lot of people have lost money on the stock so far. Here is a comment from one of them:

    "I know it’s always a risk investing and I am new at this last year , I dumped over $14k into this and believed it would go big and have nothing left and it will never recover , I had 19,142 shares and now it looks like i will have roughly 95 shares and need to get this to $157 per share to break even , what a joke this is and what’s the next step"

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