How do I pick the highest quality when saving as pdf on Adobe illustrator?

Im trying to save a file as a pdf and i want to save it as the highest quality possible which option should i pick?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    pdf creation is a PRINT process so the only thing that means anything is Dots Per Inch. typically most default print settings for pdf's are 300 dpi but often the max is set to 600 dpi(which is the standard photocopier laser print setting and should produce good TEXT) for embedded pictures other settings are available to improve the look of pictures on a printout. Altering these settings causes serious increase in PDF file size and may be contrary to the idea behind a PDF file and make it non emailable and even non printable if the printer doesnt have the internal RAM to match the DOT density it may need to render. dont forget a pc screen is LOW dot density usually 96 dpi, so if it looks poor on a pc its because the screen is low dpi. whilst most printers are capable of 1200dpi or more, having a pdf that DENSE with data may make it ridiculously RAM hungry and make your pc and printer operate like a snail when trying to view it or print it or create it!. Thus a pdf produced for INTERNET Publishing should always be 300dpi or less with image rendering at LOW to keep performance up. see Effects>Document Raster effects> within illustrator settings.It seems the default of 72 dpi helps keep illustrator going fast values above 300 dpi could seriously alter your experience with illustrator. Dont know how to apply adjustments to picture details in illustrator pdf rendering.

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