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my dog is constantly licking, biting, and scratching. A dog groomer told me it could her food. What kind of food should I buy her?

I've been to the vet and tried medications that only work for a little while. They also told me to buy some allergy medicine from the store but that didn't work. A door groomer told me that she could be allergic to her food. What food should I buy? What else should I do? 


The vet did check for fleas/parasites. They said she has allergy. 

Update 2:

She was prescribed apoquel, but it atopped working. 

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  • Jojo
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    What food is your dog eating at the moment?

    What `medicine`have you actually tried?

    Your vet should have given you more advice and help than just telling you its an allergy!!!

    Have you tried giving the dog a piriton antihistamine tablet twice a day?

    My dog gets dermatitis in his paws in the spring round to autumn and 2 piriton a day has kept it 99% away this year, along with washing his paws after every walk.

    D10 cream is very good for controlling any hot spots caused by allergies, on a dog.


  • 3 weeks ago

    Get her onto raw best quality you can afford avoid chicken and beef I’ve found these trigger off yeast allergies.

  • 3 weeks ago

    A grain free dog food would be what to look for. Most allergies are the wheat in the filler grains. When you look at the ingredients of dog food you usually see corn as the first ingredient. Have you ever seen a dog go into a corn field to get corn off the stock? nooo. It is just a filler, usually harmless except for the dogs who area allergic to some of it.

    Just google grain free dog foods & pick one.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    More than likely your dog has picked up Sarcoptic mange.probably at the groomers.Treat with topical flea/tick drops recommended by your vet.I had the same problem.If you do skin scrapes and.allergy tests it will cost you close to a grand and they do not test for everything.If it;s mange you will see improvement in 24 hrs.If not try a grain free diet for a least 2 weeks.Btw if it's mange an you let the dog in your bed they will start to bite you and you will have to see your own doctor for a special ointment for yourself.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    One of my two has lately been constantly chewing at his front legs. He'd previously been on a fish and potato diet (Arden Grange Sensitive UK) but a while back I inadvertently hit the wrong button when ordering and bought their Salmon and Rice which was cheaper than their Sensitive. Whether or not this has been the cause of what's been going on, after taking him to the vet repeatedly (a planned dental had to be aborted after his front legs were so thickened they couldn't get the line they needed to stay in) and coming home with various shampoo, gel cream etc.etc. nothing improved although using medicated talc did seem to ease the inflammation some. I have now put him back onto a Fish and Potato food, Autarky not Arden Grange as it's cheaper than their Sensitive, I think he is finally showing signs of improvement.m He's on Metacam already, for his other condition and that's antiinflammatory.

    I urge you to remove ALL cereal from his diet - and rice is still a cereal. And a skin scrape may be worth having done.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    My guess is that your vet is a clown. Did he take skin scrapes to check for parasites? If not visit another vet.

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