Do atheists need to stray from God, to understand that there is nothing better?

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  • 1 month ago

    No, they do not need to stray from God for any reason. That's the tragedy of it.

  • Git
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    1 month ago

    God is like drugs. When you live in and around a neighborhood rife with drugs, there is a tendency to be drawn into it and gets trapped in it ever swirling vortex. The drug addict knows the drug is bad for him but still he desires it, craves for its temporary relief from his wretched live. He cannot escape its clutches.

    In a way, your statement would be accurate with a little twist to it. It should read: “Theist who does not stray from god thinks that there is nothing better”.

    For how could they? Staying in a room without windows, theists only see the inside of the room and think that the limit place by the four walls is the universe. If you do not venture out, how do you see the world beyond your small room?

    You need to stray from the god idea to truly open your mind to understanding and appreciating the grandeur of the universe; that there are things greater than the limitation, which is god, that man place upon himself.

  • 1 month ago

    While sometimes straying from something can make us realize there is nothing the better, that does not seem to be the case for imagined Gods. The evidence is when you look at how many ex-theists there are compared to ex-atheists. Where a pure atheist never found a God to stray from, just no evidence supporting any Gods, but an ex-theist did find reason to believe at one time and through better reasoning left the faith. Many ex-theists report feeling like a huge burden has been lifted off their shoulders, someone indicating their lives a better after straying from your supposed God. What I can offer you to think about is that most of us have discovered we have been irrational about one thing or another and during this irrational state, from our deluded perspective, it looked rational. There are always breadcrumbs of reasoning laying around that can wake us up from delusion as is in the case of ex-theists. It is no coincidence that there are very few ex-atheist testimonies compared to ex-theist testimonies because the breadcrumbs lead one out of faith, not into it.

  • 1 month ago

    You mean once they stray from Godthey understand there's nothing better? True.

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  • 1 month ago

    atheist and god dont belong in the same question silly boy

  • barty
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    1 month ago

    Sorry, bud, there is plenty that's better than religion. Reality is far, far better.

  • 1 month ago

    Over the centuries, millions of otherwise intelligent Greeks had a Sincere Belief in the God known as Poseidon, the God of the Seas.

    Why do YOU not believe in Him? The tides DO move.

    Over the centuries, millions of otherwise intelligent Scandinavians had a Sincere Belief in the God known as Thor.

    Why do YOU not believe in Him? Do you not HEAR His thunder?

    Over the centuries, millions of otherwise intelligent Aztecs had a Sincere Belief in the God known as Quetzlcoatl.

    Why do YOU not believe in Him? Rain DOES fall on South America.

    Oddly enough, when the Aztecs were cutting the hearts from humans, and offering them to Quetzlcoatl, there was NO OTHER God nor Goddess which had the POWER to prevent the rain from falling,

    And the fact that rain DID fall, sooner or later, reinforced the Aztecs' belief in Him.

    Why did YOU stray from belief in those three Gods?

    Can you set out two buckets, side by side, and pray to YOUR God to have rain fill one, while leaving the other empty and dry?

    Or is your belief in your God based on filtering random events through confirmation bias?

  • 1 month ago

    What is this, an asinine, vapid, delusional twit contest?

  • 1 month ago

    I wouldn't say there was NOTHING better than straying from religion, but it certainly helps.

  • 1 month ago

    Not really. The problem is not me straying or me understanding. The actual problem is your own inability to clearly separate fantasy from reality. You are caught in a cult.

    There are stories about gods. Many very different stories about very different gods.

    Nothing suggests that any of these stories might be true.

    Religions are story telling industries. Gods exist only in stories.

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