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When it's claimed astrology is an 'art', how can it physically influence at birth?

Either there is a physical effect or isn’t.


> Finally, our natal chart doesn't control us. It is only the influence we started out with, and it indicates how we will likely be IF we do NOTHING to change, learn, grow. So it doesn't even necessarily describe the adult person.<

Ms 40-50 factors stated it’s art.

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    Well, one could call it an art ..because art depicts the mastery of the individuals imagination and spinning it this way, rules out the necessity for research or science. Making astrology their indisputable word and your artisan created designer box.

    Art if associated with astrology means the astrologer makes use of your date of birth, time, place to produce a chart that is an artificial man made creation with interpretation of you and your possibilities. Now..on the other hand, you and the universe were naturally created by the process of evolution. So, if one uses a true distinction between a human contrived art-ificial model or natural model, one can only conclude that astrology is in fact a pseudoscience and therefore by using logic, is the imitation and not the real you.

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    Scarily accurate? You mean it can outperform randomness?

    How do these people determine which Tooth Fairy science is accurate let alone most accurate? Say-so? Because there is no record of any comparison testing. Wouldn’t be sensible, for example house systems, to examine which works best and trash the rest? Instead it’s a personal preference.

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    Fair question. When people say astrology is an art, what they mean to say is "The practice of astrology is an art." In other words when an astrologer sits down and attempts to determine what a chart is telling us, he is practicing an art (not a science). It is an interpretive art.

    "Influence" and even a word I use a lot when discussing astrology "determination" are usages of convenience. They get the point across very well, but the literal idea is not entirely accurate. It's like when people say "I'm a Leo." No they aren't. They're a person that was born when the Sun was in the tropical sign Leo. It's easier to say "I'm a Leo." Natal astrology describes an individual and the kinds of events that can befall him. It does not "cause" them. There are no rays or anything else emitting from the planets via the signs that control our behavior.

    To the scientific materialism community this is confusing. How is that possible*? Well there are no rays emitting from musical instruments or radios that control our emotions, yet we do get emotional as a result of hearing music, or seeing our team win a tight game, or watching our children succeed. There is a cause and effect without an intermediate physical or material cause. It is rare to see a teenager get weepy over a classical sonata or a classical music enthusiast get excited over some drugged up rock star making construction noises on a guitar. There is a connection between music and emotion, but if it were true physical cause and effect, everyone would have the same emotional response to the same music.

    The chart describes. That's it. So does the MMPI. So does the ink blot test. It does not cause or influence. The chart is a piece of paper only. In the words of famed astrologer Robert Hand "The planets don't DO anything."

    *How? The astrologer would answer, simply, "Everything is connected." If that's true, then the positions of the planets at birth can be interpreted to describe an individual because the planets and the individual are connected. Theologians will tell us that God has a plan for everyone. Astrologers might claim that plan can be read in the chart. Some physicists, although they are not running out to take up astrology, are coming to this very conclusion - at some level all things are connected. It is the basis of the tarot, runes, the i ching, and other methods of divination.

    Side note: The i ching is pretty cool and can be scarily accurate.

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