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If someone's Vitamin D levels are 5 ng/mL low, is it from dark skin or light skin? Please help!?

Vitamin D levels of 5 ng/mL Low, are from what? Is it caused by skin being too light or skin being too dark? Is light or dark skin people prone to Vitamin D levels this low (5 ng/mL)?

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    Dark-skinned people tended to originate from areas where there was a lot of sunlight, so they evolved such that it was harder for them to make vitamin D. Whereas light-skinned people came from areas without a lot of sunlight, and they got their need for vitamin D fulfilled with much less sun exposure. So if low vitamin D was related to skin color, the person would more likely be dark-skinned.

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    It is linked to sun exposure and diet.

    I have not heard of it being linked to skin colour.

    It tends to be more prevelwnt in winter, especially in areas nearer the poles.

    Here in Australia it has become more prevelant all year around as people try to protect themselves from our harsh sunlight.

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