Chippendale's in Las Vegas?

Me and my bestfriend will be flying out to Las Vegas in a few months (December). Tonight we purchased tickets to the show, but after watching videos i'm not sure if we chose the best VIP seating? We were initially going to purchase the Producer table seating, but it was $100 more than VIP, and the VIP seating we bought looked pretty close to that section. Now I am second guessing myself. What VIP area is the best (besides producer table) to purchase?? We purchased sections L 3, & L 4 in VIP. The picture shows the section of the producer table, and the table for section L. We got the two circles that are grey, I also put a red line through it. I guess I am confused how the set up works? Because this picture looks very different from the picture on their website. Are there actual pictures of the set up? How close the tables are and what not? Because when I watched videos there were people in the crowd a lot closer. I guess I just want to know if these are good seats, if there is an actual picture of the seating, for future reference which letter row is the best seat in VIP, and maybe what to expect with these seats, and how to prepare myself? This will be my first time in the West Coast. 


Also, are there numbers/rows to indicate where everyone is suppose to be seated? I don't want issues with sitting in the wrong seat or vice versa.

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