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Long distance relationship ?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 years . Last year I moved from England to Switzerland so we have been doing long distance for a year . At first it was all good but then I changed school and I started going out more because you know I had more friends and all. A guy also liked me and that put my boyfriend in a bad place. Me and the guy just talk occasionally and he has a gf now . Anyways, we are both 17 and I am in year 12 in sixth form so I have like 1 and a half more year of skl. Then I want to study law and the thing is the law you study is the law you will be working with . So I have to do law here in Switzerland because 1) im from there and 2) I just think the quality of life is better and you get payed better than in the Uk. But my boyfriend wants to be a boxer and obviously Switzerland is not the country for that . And it just feels like we will never be together in the same country ever . We do come visit each other every month or so but I don’t want to be doing long distance all my life . And I don’t know what to do . We have also been arguing non stop on dumb stuff . Like literally everyday. What should I do ? Should I wait until I finish school and if I cannot go to the uk for uni should I break things off? I really do not want to but I can’t be living with a bf 2 thousand miles away 

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    I think it's healthy for young couples to have big obstacles and changing goals and a couple+ years navigating their own, single, life before rejoining their youthful love to laugh and remember and forget and see what is happening at that new moment in time.

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    Long-distance relationships generally die out.

    When you two are not physically together, neither of you are actually still part of the other person's REAL life. And you can only communicate 10% without the subtle cues of body language, tone of voice, facial expression, etc ... which means that misunderstandings arise, and also that they cannot be resolved.

    Love and attachment are only 11% of what makes it work. Neither of you are ready to commit to each other because you are both creating your own futures. Which probably will not include the other.

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