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Why aren't racing titles as good online anymore?

I'm an old school gamer, been playing titles for 30 years, basically since home computer era. This question is directed at those who still play games at my age and have noticed similar.

I'm just wondering why the quality of racing titles has deteriorated so much? For example, with current gen consoles, I can no longer create public matches that strangers can join on any leading titles. Online multiplayer racing is staggered, jerky and glitchy with every player ramming others and no race rules in force.

I compare titles that are no longer even supported like Toca Racedriver or Grid with today's titles like Forza and all the multiplayer aspects are worlds a part. They have improved graphically and look a lot nicer but they have lost so much great gameplay features over the years. Why?


Eg: Current titles which are not as good as 10yr old games: DriveClub, Project Cars, Forza 6, F1 series, Gran Turismo Sport

Update 2:

I am not bothered about Sim or arcade, I like them both. I would just like to understand why there has been a massive reduction in features and playability over the years. Seriously, I have hard copies of original Xbox titles infront of me right now that were actually better to play online back in 2004.

Update 3:

...This is why I'm asking a certain age group, if you're like 17 or whatever you're not going to know what I'm talking about

Update 4:

When ever I phrase a question like this, there's always someone who comes along and makes the: “I'm right, you're wrong” argument using one weak example. Sigh*

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    I agree, they don't make them the same anymore. There used to be a lot more control over what you change and modify within the game.

    Sure, the racing physics weren't exact, and graphics and sounds weren't what they were today, but the games were a lot deeper.

    On Forza (any Forza), it feels like an arcade racer that's leaning on a simulation principles. I'll even go as far as saying that Gran Turismo Sport although has great physics, feels empty.

    The newer racing games feel shallow and players are rewarded for doing practically nothing.

    Multiplayer games of the past were a bit hit and miss with the racing genre. Some flowed really well and some were horrible. (Toca Racer Driver 2 - the first turn of any race was a demolition derby).

    I think they spend too much time making the games look pretty and appeasing a 'casual' market with the newer games.

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    Game development has improved greatly compared to 15 years ago, and it also applied to racing games. Besides graphics, game physics also has improved drastically compared to old games.

    As for contents, most of them were focusing on online instead offline, since online contents lasted much longer, and they also can sold it seperately for extra revenue. But that doesn't mean the online portion is jank, since I played GT Sports without any hitch or whatsoever. Also, GT Sports allows you to create public rooms, so I dunno about your complaints with "no public rooms".

    Sure, trolls were always on every game, including racing. But at least in GT Sport they implemented penalties for distruptive players, where these players will be forced to be positioned in the end of the group. They even will get automatically DQ'ed and kicked out from the race if they're still trolling.

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      There really isn't any radical difference in physics between TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006) or Project Gotham Racing 4 (2007) and todays titles, they just look prettier

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    If you're looking for a racing sim, Forza isn't it. Also graphics are NOT the only thing that's improved. Physics is by far the bigger factor setting newer racing games apart from the older ones. As for multiplayer, I don't know what to tell you except for play a more realistic racing game where hitting someone means you're basically out of the race. rfactor 2 and iracing are suppose to be solid.

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