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How can i increase my self-considence?like what's the best way?

Ok so im in my early 20s and dont have enough confidence to approach women my age brackets due to fear of rejection..I've nevr had to go talk to a girl(unlike my bro) they're usually the ones to make the first move, even now, and due to that i dont have any experience flirting with a women or anything as it sometimes happen naturally(with older women) but i cant muster up the courage to actually approach a girl in their 20s. Somehow i get intimidated and dont know what to say(my mind blanks out)..any help would be much appreciated.

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    It's helpful to find out why you're afraid of talking to younger women, but are comfortable with older women. Could it be because you feel older women are less desirable so they will not reject you? Or because you believe older women won't hurt you because they remind you of your mother? etc.

    When you discover the real reason for your fear and the root cause behind it, you will be able to overcome your lack of confidence by challenging the false beliefs behind your thoughts. Changing your thoughts and the way you see things will permanently remove your lack of confidence. But any fake approach you adopt to force yourself to act confident might not work because people will see right through you.

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