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Can someone please help me with my Physics?

I know this may sound like I'm being lazy, but I seriously don't understand this question: "In a farewell performance Super Bee performs his famous stunt. He has been winged by injuries from the first several attempts, so the cars have been replaced with golf carts which start the stunt 6000 meters apart. One of the carts is moving at 10m/s and the other is moving at 5m/s. If Super Bee flies at 60m/s what is the total distance that he covers in the stunt?" This is the last question I need, and it's not that I don't know how to do the assignment it's just I don't understand what the question is saying, I think I'm having trouble visualizing it, so if someone would kindly just help me visualize the problem or can tell me which formula to use and I will be on my way.

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    Two golf carts , initially 6000m apart, approach each other at constant speeds. The distance between them diminishes at 15 m/s, so the carts will bump head on after 400 seconds.

    In that time the bee flies at constant speed of 60 m/s hither and wither between the carts. Because it does so for 400s, the distance the bee will have traveled before its narrow escape is 24 km.

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    It sounds like this is referencing the previous problems.

    It also resembles a riddle where a fly moves back and forth between two cars as they drive directly towards each other. If that's the scenario, then all you need to do is calculate how much time passes before the cars collide. It doesn't matter where the bee goes, as long as he's flying at constant speed for a known amount of time.

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