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What to do My mom dislikes my boyfriend because he is not rich enough?

I (23) have been with my boyfriend (25) for 2 years and he is the most loving, funny, caring and compassionate man I have ever met. We have similar goals in life about the type of life we want, number of kids, travel even the pets we want to own. Hence why I was very eager to introduce him to my parents. However, my mother dislikes him because he did not come from the rich family she expected and she has since stated multiple times that I should be just friends with him and that she will not idly stand by while she watches me ruin my life.

this saddens me a great deal as I do love and cherish my boyfriend and he is hardworking and always working overtime to get a promotion. My mom dislikes the fact that he does not own his business and that his mother is a housewife and father runs a small company but nowhere near millionaire level. I have shared this with him and he has assured me that in time he will make her see how much he loves me and wants me to be happy and successful as well. i do understand that every mother, especially me coming from an Asian family, want their daughters marrying rich so we can live comfortably. But i do not think it is fair to cut people who are hardworking and honest out of the equation just because they happened to be born into the wrong family. i am worried that one day my boyfriend will get up and think this is too much and leave, while I know I cannot do anything should it happen, I do believe that we can achieve success together. 

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    You said a couple things in here that aren't true, and it might give you some clarity. I don't know where you got the idea moms want their daughters to marry rich, but this is flat out untrue. Every mom I know, including my own, wants daughters to find a good man who will treat her well and who has goals and ambitions career wise.

    The far bigger mistake is when you said you can't control it if he bails on you. I agree he will if something doesn't change, but if this happens, it's because YOU didn't do the right things. IOW, you have the power to fix this. You are very overdue to tell mom that if she forces you to choose between the man you love and her, you're going to do what millions of women have done through the centuries: you will pick the man you love.

    You mentioned Asian components to this, and I'm sure that's true. But your mom chose to raise you in a Western culture, and you are a product of that culture.

    tl;dr: Your guy sounds like a keeper. If you love him as much as you say you do, you need to fight for him. This means some tough convos with mom.

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    i would go out with him anyways and if your mom dont like it thats her problem

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    Whose life is it, ultimately? Maybe you can tell your mother that your bf is young, and is going to become wealthy over time. Or just not let her opinions bother you.

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