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Is it possible for a man to get a woman to like him for his body, face, and hair if he lacks skills and is not physically strong?

Is it possible for a man to lure a woman into a relationship using the things that women normally use to lure men or would he realistically have a better chance at doing that as a transgender lesbian if that's the route he wants to take?

In the last couple hundred years it generally seems that heterosexual relationships after someone's teen years is normally only based on what the man can do for the woman and she gives him herself and children (in many situations) as a mutual agreement?

The only thing which I can think of is extreme painstaking grooming, plastic surgery, a very expensive medium length haircut, laser hair removal all throughout the body, and skin lightening.

BQ : How do stay-at-home dads generally become stay-at-home dads?


Sorry asshole. You don't know what all women want. Satanic dark skin-tones, body hair all over the ******* place, and the typical short tapered hairstyles that men get are not attractive or even close to the real biological definition of a real man. Men were never supposed to look remotely like that, even by their own design and social constructs that straight and gay men both created. We are not supposed to have this much sexual dimorphism.

Update 2:

And transgender lesbians have an easier time being with a woman who is bisexual (which is a lot of women out there). Most women are bisexual with a preference for women but they date men for money, security, and children. I want something less inhumane and less formulaic than that.

Update 3:

And I've seen a ton of men undergo laser hair removal to look more human and their girlfriends and wives admit that it looks and feels 100% better than the unsightly body hair that only men themselves ever thought looked appealing. Hair in all the wrong unattractive ******* places... Yeah that cosmetically makes sense. You can't speak for all women.

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    "Lacks skills" -- what does this mean? "Lure." A man with a nice face, body, hair is obviously going to attract women but that doesn't mean they will approach you first. A lot of women don't like approaching male strangers out of fear/risk.

    Incidentally, can I ask why men are insane enough to believe lesbians will ever date them? No, not even if you chop your dick off and get crazy plastic surgery. N-e-v-e-r. I'm baffled by your laser body hair and plastic surgery remark. Women don't want either of those. You sound like you're trying to attract OTHER MEN not women.

    BQ: My Dad was a stay at home Dad back in the 70s because Mom had a better paying job.

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