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Best reasonably priced outdoor brunch spots in the Miami, Florida area?

I am looking for somewhere to go with my family for my birthday and have decided that I want to go somewhere that serves brunch since my birthday is on a Sunday, this year.

I wanted to go to a restaurant called Terrazas that is not to far away from where I live because they have a pool with lounge chairs and a DJ but my family went there for Mother's Day, this year, and my mom did not like the food so she will not go back.

Another place I would go to is called Captain Jim's. My family used to go there a lot but have not been since they switched owners and updated their menu. Again, my mom doesn't want to go.

The last place I had in my head is called Rusty Pelican. This is another place that my family has gone to on multiple occasions but my mom says that the portion sizes are too small.

I don't care if it's my birthday, I love my mom and want to make her happy.

I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions of reasonably priced brunch spots that have outdoor seating with some kind of view (a hotel with a pool would be a plus but not necessary)?

I attempted to find brunch places online but a lot of the places I liked were too expensive (my family is not paying $65 a person for brunch).

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I’ve found that at this one restaurant called McDonald’s offers pretty good sized portions at a relatively low price, look it up

  • 4 weeks ago


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