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Do you think my kids dad would be upset?

I have a 5 year old son. I got pregnant in high school. His dad and I get along but aren’t together. 

I started hooking up with this guy who was considered the school nerd. Nothing serious but none of my friends believed it when I showed them pictures cause he got buff. 

I don’t want my kid to know but word has got around cause one of my friends spread it I guess. 

But this guys funny confident and knows what I like

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    If you're not together the only business he has in who you're dating is potential exposure of the child to this person. So if you're just "hooking up" with this guy you're certainly responsible enough not to be doing it anywhere near the child. If he says anything to you about this f-buddy just tell him you're only seeing the guy when you have responsible childcare available and that this just doesn't concern him. Now if things were ever to get serious with this buff former nerd that's when you'd have to factor in your child's father's concerns.

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