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Would you rather take responsibility and assume your own hardships instead of asking a person for help?

Instead of asking a friend or family member for a small favor , would you rather endure whatever struggle you might be in , if that person in return ( who you asked for help) is going to gripe , and complain to you about having to help you?

Would you rather be late on paying your rent at your apartment and having to accept a late fee , instead of asking your mom , dad or friend for help , if you are going to have to hear them b * * * h about it for eternity?

Or would you rather walk 4 miles to work ,instead of asking someone for a ride who is gonna complain about having to help you?

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    Depends on the situation and the relationship between the person doing the asking and the recipient of the question. Some people will always ask for help no matter the circumstance because they either cannot or will not step up and be responsible for what is happening in their lives. Other people will never ask for help, no matter the circumstance, and this comes from pride or stubbornness or shame or embarrassment. Equally, other people take responsibility for the many challenges that come their way, but when the sh*t hits the fan unexpectedly and the person is brought to their knees, they can recognize the benefit of seeking out others in their time of need.

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    This happens no matter what. The best thing to do for this kind of trouble is to be prepared for such hardships. If they gripe because you need to borrow money, that means they have a reason to gripe about it because maybe you don't pay them back with the same priority that you have with borrowing. All of this stuff disappears when you keep your side of the bargain by paying them back, getting a better paying job so you can make your rent. Or handling your money better. It looks like you have allot of complainers who don't like helping you. Look into that and for the mean time, walk the four miles. Pay the late fees. I rarely ask for favors but when I do, I make sure that it is for help that is needed and not just trying to get someone to do something for me. And if someone does help you, make it worth their while.

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    I would always accept responsibility--I generally make sure that disaster doesn't strike--but if it does I would rather handle it myself-especially if the people I'd ask for help would not be gracious about it.

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    If you put it that way, of course I wouldn't ask for help. I have found that you have to go through some hard times to appreciate the good times. You're not really learning anything if you're always asking for help.

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    I never ask for help when I was young. Put myself through college and raised my child alone after his father died in Vietnam. Was also NEVER late on rent, the groceries may have been a little light, but never the rent.

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    If you know someone is going to ***** about having to do you a favor, perhaps you've asked for too many favors or the wrong kinds of favors.

    I have no problem asking for help when I need it and generally don't get crap for it. But I also am a responsible person who lives below my means so that if I'm short I can dip into savings instead of expecting others to loan me money for the most very basic of needs such as housing, food or transportation.

    I have definitely asked for transportation favors such as, "Could you please take me to the auto repair shop so that I can pick up my vehicle" which is totally different than "Could you drive me to work because I'm too broke to repair my car". You do see the distinction, right?

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    id rather ask for help

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