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Do you believe that Apollo's lunar program was real, that we as humanity really were on the moon?

From an early age I was interested in the conquest of space, I read a lot about both the American and Soviet space programs.

I once quarreled about this with a crap that claimed that Americans and nobody else were on the moon, and the landing on the moon was directed by none other than Stnley Kubrick himself :-)

I am Polish, I have always wondered that the most people who propagate conspiracy theoire about the Apollo program are Americans, the country that stood behind the moon landing

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    Well, this horseshit has gotten so old, it has decayed away.

    You--baby--me--old fart that worked on the Apollo project.

    Have you even seen a STS liftoff with man? doesn't sound like it.

    Here is the reality:

    US-NASA has had 6 Apollo manned missions land on the moon and 12 US astronauts have walked on the moons surface.

    BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORNE,,so convincing some child, with all the proof in the world is a futile argument.

    Man on the moon is one of the most documented events in the history of all mankind, feel free to search it up.

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    Yes. The Soviets/Russians haven't tried to prove us wrong for 50 years since the landing and we have mirrors up there to Prove it. If you shone a massive Lazer at the moon, it would bounce back.

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    The last 3 years especially have driven home the point that a good portion of America's population is profoundly ignorant.

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    The TV signal that showed us Armstrong stepping onto the Moon were not coded. They could be watched through any radio-telescope that was pointed towards the Moon, at the time, including the Parkes radio-telescope in Australia (used as a standby for US radio-telescopes that received the signal shown on TV in America) and, more importantly, all the radio-telescopes in the eastern part of the Soviet Union.

    In 1967, radio-astronomers proved the technique known as Very Large Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) allowing them to pinpoint sources of radio signals with more accuracy than was possible with optical telescopes. Since the technique was first used outside the USA, it was not kept secret from the rest of the world. We know the Soviets were using it before the end of 1967.

    The first landing took place in 1969 and was observed from Soviet radio-telescopes. Using VLBI, they could not only tell that the signal came from the Moon, but also where, on the Moon. Therefore, the signal did not come from Hollywood nor from a low-orbit satellite (as claimed by the hoaxers). Even today, we can use the pointing data from different radio-telescopes (you need two or more) to pinpoint the source of the signal.

    At the time, the only way to transmit the signal from the Moon was to go there and install a transmitter. In other words, you would need a real lunar landing in order to fake a false lunar landing.

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    As well as I remember, the whole World knew about it and were following what happened

    Even the Russians, who were very keen to see them fail believed

    Their own Moon Shot in their N1 Rocket had come to an explosive end in 1968

    It was the loudest Peacetime explosion ( Non Nuclear )

    Some Idiots, like Bart Sibrel veheminately deny the landings as hoaxes

    I believe

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    Source(s): Buzz Aldrin and Bart Sibrel, just before Buzz floored him
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    Those who think it were faked are a minority; I've worked for 3 companies that built components for the Saturn rockets, and even had a boss who was the 3rd guy to step on the moon... I have no doubt Apollo occurred. 

    I think those who claim it's a fake refuse to look at the engineering that went into the effort, and *choose* to disbelieve rather than taking the time to understand it... it's a shame, too - *learning* is something to be valued, but that's sort of taken a back seat to belief these days... 

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    Questions like this, actually make me wonder if intelligent life is dying out on Earth.

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    Yes. I would say that I realise the Apollo program was genuine and successful.

    I'm Scottish BTW.

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    Beleif is not relevant, it happened, get over it.

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    What part of of all these missions are you having trouble understanding?

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