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How do I help my mom get out of a bad situation?

So my mom has been seeing this guy for close to 10 years now and he's horrible. He's mentally abusive. He wants her to spend all of her time with him, to put him in front of everything (friends, work, family, me and my sibling). He calls obsessively calls when my mom doesn't pick up (she was comforting me for about 10 minutes and he called 10 times before my mom answered only to find he only wanted to say hi). He is constantly telling her she cares too much and no one actually cares how she looks. They are always fighting and pissed at each other. As I'm typing this rn they are outside fighting and my mother is crying. We are trying to get the money to leave but we just don't have it yet. I have no clue what to do though. Living here hurts. It hurts me, it hurts my mother, it hurts my siblings (and they don't even live here). I'm scared and I don't know what to do. Please help me. 

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    Perhaps you and your siblings can club together to pay rent for a few months somewhere else. If you are under eighteen, call 1-800-4ACHILD if in the U.S.A., or Childline (0800 1111) in the U.K. No doubt other countries have similar free phone lines. Canada is 1-800-668-6868, Ireland: Australia:

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    you need to have a private talk with her and let her know you think the relationship is dangerous

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    You need to get your mother out of this unhealthy dangerous relationship ASAP!!! this sounds like very compulsive, controlling and obsessive behavior. Speak to her, make her see how abusive this man really is. Love is blind and sometimes woman ( i still dont undertand why but theres alot of reasons) stay with men who treat them this way. She deserves better, you all do, get out now before its too late, relationships like this can become very dangerous. Try and have more family members and friends aware of this situation and seek help and support from them.

    Best of luck

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      Copy cat. You said most of the same things i said??? Why???

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    if youre over 18 you can always leave, you cant control what your mother does but if hes being abusive talk to someone in cps about it

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    Yikes! That sounds awful. That is not a healthy enviroment that anyone should be in! First, talk to you're mom about what you are seeing and feeling. Explain to her how much this is hurting you and you're sibling who don't even live their. Sometimes people can be blined by love. So, make sure she understands where you are coming from.

    Second, talk to somebody about it. Depending on how old you are you can talk to a school counsuler. Talk to them about it. Maybe they gen step in and get him out of the picture. Tell them that he is trying to take you're mom away from you (if you are under 18 this will work) That he mentally abusive, that its not only affecting you're mom its affecting you too.

    If this doesn't work i have no idea what will. But, i wish you the best and hope all goes well. Just rember to be strong through all of this.

    -Sarah Elise Banks

    Btw, can you answer mine???

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