I can't hear words when I read?

I can't understand words when I am reading and I have trouble reading when people are talking. I have been diagnosed with dyslexia I don't know if that is the reason but I think it might be. I also have trouble understanding instructions if I hear them but not when I read them

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    You have an auditory processing disorder. This so common that it is not classed as a disability. I'm surprised that they did not pick this up when they tested you for dyslexia. All the males in my family have this. Fun fact; I'm female and can decode speech through one ear and not through the other although I hear perfectly well with both. That allows me to totally understand your issue.

    Not being able to decode aural instructions is very common among people who have unusually strong spatial skills. Your spatial skills have allowed your aural processing skills to take a back seat. The work around is to write down instructions or to ask the task be demonstrated as you are a visual learner.

    You are sensitive to noise which is why you get easily distracted by external sounds. That can go away with practice.

    The solution for the dyslexia is to learn the phonic sounds, that is where your problem lies. Then you can gradually decode words. Once you have decoded a word a few times, you will commit it to visual memory and will be able to sight read it. Lazy teachers skip the phonics stage and try to teach directly by sight reading which works for most. But you need that step because storing and recalling sounds is not your strong suit. Once the words have been properly laid down, you will be able to both read and understand at the same time.

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