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What do I do?

I’ve not gone to high school in 4 days, because I’ve been sick. I have an AP US History test tomorrow and my mother doesn’t want me to take it. However, I should know the material beforehand because I read the chapters in the past weeks (but I haven’t been studying). All they’ve done this week while I’ve been out is review. I told her I’d either stay home or just straight up take the test and accept the L. She said she’d be an angry parent and talk to him if he didn’t let me take the test later. She always does **** like this and has the need to be “right”. I don’t know what to do because I don’t wanna deal with my teacher because her whiny *** decides to *****. Should I just stay home and take an unexcused absence or just go to school and take it and deal with my mom? Actually either way I’d have to deal with her, but which choice is better, and are there any other alternative solutions?

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