Which zone would likely have fish in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria using chemosynthesis?

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  • 1 month ago

    None, but your teacher probably wants:

    "Benthic and abyssal zones, near volcanic vents. The water near volcanic vents would be enriched with the needs of the chemosynthetic bacteria."

  • I did a quick read on chemosynthesis (literally just the definition) and it appears that it's the equivalent to Rubisco in plants (except chemosynthesis requires methane and rubisco requires CO2 or O2). TL;DR it's a mechanism for obtaining energy

    I think that means fish would require chemosynthesis when it does not have access to an effective energy source. This may be artificial, nutrient-poor, and/or low-oxygen leveled-areas where fish would struggle to perform cell respiration

    That's just my take on the it though

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