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My niece always gives me a “half hug” because she thinks I’m staring at her breasts.  But I have social anxiety disorder.  Am I a bad person?

Obviously, she never confronted me about looking at her breasts.  But the fact that I can’t make eye contact, which makes my eyes drift down in panic, makes her “half hugs” seem too coincidental.  I honestly can’t help it, and I’ve even looked at my great-aunt’s chest (she’s 88 and in very bad shape).  Regardless, my great-aunt and all my female loved ones who are my age and older, give me full hugs.  I think this is because they’re mature enough to understand what’s wrong with me.  My niece is 21, so she is still at that stage where I’m that creepy uncle.  She’s actually my best friend’s daughters who I call my niece.  He, too, obviously knows I’m just nervous.  So I assume if his daughter complained to him about me, he knows I wasn’t being a perv.  But I still feel bad.  I hate being so awkward, even though the most important person, my mom, knows I’m harmless and not a perv, as well as my loved ones in my age group and older.  But I hate how I’m perceived to my niece and her generation, as well as strangers on the train.   It hurts.

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    Well you're gonna have to accept that then.

    Cause you are just way too weird not to be called a perv or something.

    You are creepy.

    You are too old to be making comments about your niece's breasts on yahoo answers.

    You say you hate how you are perceived by your niece and her generation. The way you are perceived by them is absolutely correct.

    You posted this on yahoo answers. That alone makes you a weird creep.

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    maybe you should apologize to her and explain to her whats really going on

  • 1 month ago

    You sound obsessed with breasts, so keep all hugs to half hugs.

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