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Romanian dating?

How is the dating process for someone dating a Romanian guy considering he is conservative? What to expect?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Romanians are truly the nicest, most kind hearted people anywhere. Unless you date one. An orthodox Romanian will be under intense pressure from his family to not just marry a Romanian virgin, but only date Romanian women. So you will likely never meet any if his family and any sex will really put you on their shitlist. Under no circumstances will you ever be accepted.

    • Lily4 weeks agoReport

      He's Baptist. Thanks for letting me know. I've met some family members. How long do they wait till engagement comes into question? I know everyone is different, but in general do they have an ideal time (several months, a year, more?)

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You got to be slow with them.

    So whatever you have done with other Americans guys are totally different with them.

    Few tips that might help are:

    Dont expect him to let you suck on first date.

    He will not be interested to see your vaginal hole as yet.

    And definitely not sex in first time.

    • Lily4 weeks agoReport

      Haven't done any of that with American guys either. So good! Haha Thanks

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