i got an Iphone from Verizon and it says it was mailed from a return processing center?

Hi guys so I just got my Iphone 11 in the mail today and on the packaging it says it was sent from a return processing center in Texas. Does this mean they sent me a phone that someone else returned? Its been awhile since i ve ordered a new phone so i m not sure where they usually get sent from. Thanks!

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    A return processing center is a warehouse where they mail you either a new phone or a factory reconditioned phone . They take the phone that you mail them and they put it in to the reconditioning line the phone is reconditioned if it can be reconditioned and if it cannot be reconditioned they take the parts that are useful and throw away the rest. If your phone is a very recent model you will likely get a brand new phone. If your phone is about 6 or 7 months old you're going to get a phone that has been factory reconditioned. A lot of people are afraid of that word there's no reason to be I properly reconditioned electronic component is just as good as a brand new one. All the vital components have been checked and they work. There might be some very minor wear on the outer case but other than that are we conditioned to factory phone is in good shape

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