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How do you say me in quebecois?

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    How do you say "eighty"??


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    It's the same as in French in France (and elsewhere).

    Two words that are not interchangeable:

    me (not pronounced as the English "me". Roughly like: meuh) - as either a direct or indirect object, except in most imperatives in the affirmative.

    moi - direct or indirect object in most imperatives in the affirmative (except if followed by the adverbial pronoun "en"; or as a disjunctive pronoun, used for the objects of prepositions, compound structures, emphasis (including whenever the verb is not stated).

    I am not guessing. I had two different jobs speaking with French Canadians over the phone (including many Québécois).

    They are pronounced the same as in standard French.

    Québécois - is just a dialect of French; not a separate language. Some pronunciation differences. A few grammatical differences. Some vocabulary differences, particularly in slang. Many French Canadians are terrible spellers (often got e-mails and faxes from customers - yes, I'm that old)

    Source(s): taught French; native English speaker.
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    In French we say: Moi, then I assume it is the same in québécois ....

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      But also "me", non?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Same as in French, I suspect. That would be "moi".

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