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Was Trump right to pull U.S. troops from Syria?

Very recently, President Trump ordered a withdrawal of all United States military forces from Northeastern Syria, in, at least what many presume to be, an apparent honoring of his commitment to end unnecessary foreign wars.

Trump has incurred a torrent of criticism from members of both parties in Congress, saying that this movie will embolden Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to cement his foothold in Syria, and, ultimately, wipe out the Kurdish fighters there. The Kurds, you may recall, heavily assisted the U.S. helping to decimate ISIS.

Do you think this is a good foreign policy decision by the Trump Administration, or not?



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    Yes. The Kurds need material, financial, and political support from the USA but they do not actually need US military personnel to fight their battles for them.

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    Sound like he did the right thing. Caught everyone by surprise so they are more inclined to do the right thing. Note, that in all of this you do not know who the players are or what they want. That goes back a few years to when Obama created this mess. If you had known what Obama was doing, you would have been critical of his policy.

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    NO, certainly not in the way that he did.

    1. The decision was not made in respect to any well thought out US government policy or strategic plan.  Trump has no Strategic plan

    2. Trump did not consult a single member of his National Security team or the State Dept or the Military before making that decision.  

    3. The rush to get out not only put our troops in more danger, but required us to leave military equipment and facilities in place, requiring US aircraft to destroy left in place munitions, equipment, and facilities---what a waste.

    4. It demoralized the special forces stationed in the area.  And the military in general.

    5. It left our Christian allies against ISIS to become refugees at best or be slaughtered by the Turks.

    6. It released members of ISIS back into the wild and eliminated the forces that were keeping them in check.  As Lindsey Graham said, Trump has created the same conditions that Obama did to allow ISIS in the first place.

    7. It make the US look cowardly and even more untrustworthy to the rest of the world.

    8. The winners in that decision were Turkey, Russia, Iran, and ISIS.

    9. The US gave away a lot of international influence and power and got nothing in return.

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    The US cannot continue to be a target of terrorists. Current US policy, started by W. Bush, is to attack everyone (regardless of friend or foe). So, W. Bush attacked the Taliban (religious leaders of Afghanistan) who had just captured Bin Laden and several of his key aides, and the Taliban even offered to turn him over to the US if the US could prove that Bin Laden had something to do with the 911 attack. Since no proof was available, W. Bush attacked Afghanistan (his ally). W. Bush's father had attacked Iraq because Iraq invaded Kuwait. But, older Bush didn't take Saddam out of power, so many problems still existed (breaches of the no-fly zone, refusal to continue searches for Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc.). So, having attacked the wrong people, the US became the target of groups created to deal with US incursions. The longer the US was in the Middle East, it was considered an occupying hostile force. Today, one can't say that the Taliban were allies of America without some nut claiming that you are consorting with the enemy. There doesn't appear to be a good decision in the Middle East. America is damned if they stay and damned if they go. The cheapest way is to leave the Middle East and that would mean that the US can no longer tamper in the free elections which keep puppet pro-Americans in power. That power vacuum would undoubtedly result in antiAmericans taking over in the Middle East. But to stay would have the same result since ISIS and other terrorist organizations would gain power. I think that the US needs to remove all forces from the Middle East with the assertion that any attempt to develop nuclear weapons would be met by war and alliances (hope not WW III).

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      Well said. you covered everything so now I don't even need to answer the question.

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    Probably not. But I do see the argument. He's had other things work that I didn't think would so I'm not going to yell too loud.

    The funny thing is the left ought to like the move but they just can't but only because it is Trump.

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      ...and because 300 Kurds got killed because Trump did things the way he always does: impulsively and with no thought as to consequence.

      Oh well, "they're no angels", right Trump supporters?

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    If he didn't put a larger number of troops into Saudi Arabia, I could maybe believe him that he did it to fill his promise.

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    I think it is a good idea to pull the troops from Syria... a THOUGHTFUL, WELL-PLANNED manner that makes at least a token effort to provide for allies who might get ethnically cleansed 30 seconds after we leave the door open.

    Of course Trump isn't interested in any of that.  Worth noting also that zero of the troops in Syria came back to the US; they are still in the Middle East.

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    Da komrade, can you send more Champagne to the Kremlin, we've run out.... Again....

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