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Ladies: What's the best way to approach a girl you like and ask her out on a date?

I'm 22 and quite handsome and muscular but i'm very repressed when it comes to asking girls out and a virgin.

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    I think as long as you are kind and polite, you should do fine. It seems one of your inhibitions is the fact that you are repressed and a virgin. You have to try and separate “a date” from sex in your mind. True, some women might expect sex on a first date, but that’s not always the case. My suggestion would be get a first date and worry about sex later. A great sense of humor can also help when talking to her. Let her see you for who you are. It’s not a guarantee. If nothing else, you would have asked and gotten an answer. You want a person who can accept the fact of where you are as far as your sexuality is concerned.

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    U virgin !!!!!!

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