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What affected the independence movements in Africa following World War II?

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    In early 1950's in South Africa, the Chief of the Zulu tribe becoming a Christian, to follow were all the Zulu people to become Christian (which is the largest tribe) and then all the smaller tribes followed. This continued to spread among Christian missionaries who spread the idea that all men are created by God and have a purpose. Independence movements trailed after this. 

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    There was a power vacuum in the former colonial countries after WWII. Different factions wanted control, often based on tribal loyalties. The most powerful and ruthless warlords took over not caring about their country or individuals. A close analogy would be the drug cartels, out for themselves no matter what the cost to others.

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    In 1928 the UK looked at Giving all Colonies Dominion Status leading to independence this law was the ac of Westminster 1932 but the war prevented any action But in 1948 the Process to give India Independence started and By 1972 the UK had closed down all its Military Bases east of Suez once African countries saw the British leave they also demanded independence

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    The massive success of the 'groundnuts scheme'.

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    One of the big things was that many of the colonizing powers suddenly found themselves too broke from the war effort to maintain their colonies. WWII was definitely the final nail in the coffin for the British Empire.

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    A very important event was the World Expo in Brussels in 1958, where an African village was re-created and populated with villagers from the Belgian Congo. The villagers also got a glimpse of European life and were appalled by what actually ruled them. That was a big boost for the independence movement in the Belgian Congo, and it inspired similar movements in other parts of Africa.

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