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Is it ok that mu husband does this ?

Is it ok that my husband constantly talks about all the stuff he wants to buy for himself but then when he gets payed the day before he tells me not to spend alot on groceries cause his check wont be that big well now our oldest daughter needs new clothes and he either doesnt hear me or doesnt even bother to text back when I bring it up I havent even gone christmas shopping for our kids yet because he keeps saying we dont have much I'll add he brings home 1500 every 2 weeks I stay at home and only spend 250 on groceries every 2 weeks but is it normal for him to do this every time hes done it the last 5 pay periods should I just put my foot done or just live with it ?

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    The two of you need to sit down and look at the facts and figures. Your husband is trying to support a family of 4, feed and clothe and house, on $3,000 a month. That is a TIGHT budget. He might carry on about the luxuries he desires but he's not buying very many on that salary! I think that, grossing $3,000 a month with a family of 4, you qualify for some SNAP aid for food and, maybe, some other ways as well. It's borderline but could be.

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    He is who he is.

    Either you can accept that, or you will be unhappy with him, will try to change him, and endanger the marriage

    No partner is perfect, so no marriage is either. We either accept our partner as they are, or we risk losing them. And SOME partners we SHOULD lose (those who are abusive or cruel, for instance).

    He's a selfish man. You cannot change that. You can either accept it or get a divorce. if you put your foot down, you risk HIM getting a divorce.

    Perhaps if you went out and got a job and spent it as YOU saw fit ......

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    He shall give all income to you so that you can manage money properly for house , home kids and save for future.

    Thus, all income is for family common well.

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