what is the structure of a lipid polymer?

PLEASE HELP!!! i have a science project due tomorrow it talks about lipids and i have to answer a part abput lipid polymers and explain what they look like and give an example. ive looked it up and have been chaing the web for 2 housr outside of class and i cand find anything. 

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    "2 hours on the web"? Yeah, right. Ever heard of Wikipedia ? You can get the answer in seconds.


  • A polymer is made up of monomers

    Lipid, as a macromolecule, is technically not a polymer as it is made up of TWO different substances: glycerol and fatty acids. I guess these two could be referred to as monomers.

    There are some important lipids that you should know of:

    - Triglyceride (Glycerol + 3 Fatty Acids) - For long-term energy storage in plants and animals

    - Phospholipid (Glycerol + 2 Fatty Acids + Phosphate Group) - For cell membranes

    - Steroid (4 Carbon-Based rings; synthesized from Cholesterol) - Cholesterol for cell membranes and Testosterone/Estrogen for sex hormones

    As you can see, these "polymers" of fats all have different structures, but the similarily is that they ALL have GLYCEROL and FATTY ACIDS

    You can now search the molecular structure of glycerol and fatty acids. You'll find that Fatty acids are long carbon chains that store energy in their bonds. 1 or 2 or 3 of these fatty acids connect with glycerol to form polymers. They bond via dehydration synthesis with CARBOXYL (COOH) and HYDROXYL (OH) functional groups; water is created when the bond is formed

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    use your text book. It should be in there.

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