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My YouTube channel isn't growing!?

Here's the link to my YouTube channel:

I've been posting weekly videos since July 2017. Shouldn't my channel be big by now? Well, it's still really small and it won't grow no matter what I do! I make my videos short and sweet, I always get straight to the point at the very beginning of the video, my tags are good(I use the SAME EXACT tags big YouTubers use), I never put clickbait in my thumbnails like most big YouTubers do, my videos are absolutely NO different than a big YouTuber's videos and i'm very down to earth unlike most big YouTubers, but I still only have 3,500 subscribers and I only get 1,000 views or less on my videos. What am I doing wrong? Where is my fame? Is it because I don't have all of the fancy equipment big YouTubers use? Well, that is SUPER shallow of the people who watch YouTube! I'm not rich! I can't afford all of that equipment! My videos are good, but I feel like the quality of my videos "isn't good enough". At least you can still UNDERSTAND what's going on in the video, right? I have worked so hard to get famous over the past 2 years but my fame isn't coming! I want to be famous because I have Autism and I want to make it so neuro-typial people will understand us better and accept us for who we are! People with Autism have a lot of trouble making friends and I want to fix that!


I started my YouTube channel with confidence that i'd be a sensation and help people, but i'm not getting anywhere! Why won't anyone watch my videos? I've even tried sharing all of my videos on all of my social media, but that didn't help either. Can someone please watch a few of my videos and tell me what i'm doing wrong?

Update 2:

I have a feeling it's YouTube's fault that small YouTubers are struggling to get noticed. They make it so big YouTubers appear first when you go on YouTube when they KNOW us small YouTubers are trying to get noticed! Why is the YouTube staff so mean? What exactly do they have against small YouTubers growing their channels?

Update 3:

I've even tried asking big YouTubers for help, but they're always "too famous" to reply to me! Even down to earth big YouTubers won't reply to me!

Update 4:

Not only am I so small on YouTube, but whenever I comment on other people's videos, absolutely NO ONE ever notices my comment! Should I try writing comments like "Do any small YouTubers want to support each other?"? Maybe I could get fellow small YouTubers to subscribe to me and help me grow.

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    That's just how YouTube works out sometimes, especially with recent changes coming in with the search thingy + the monetisation issues made worse earlier this year by the "Voxadpocalyspe" that was triggered by a failing media company called Vox throwing a hissy fit because they're jealous that people like Steven Crowder + PewDiePie can start off as a "man in a shed" operation and become more successful on YouTube than a media company like Vox that's bankrolled by NBC.

    These days it's no good just relying on YouTube and it's search to get you big on YouTube, you've also got to utilise ALL the social media platforms like Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr to push yourself along on there, as well as perhaps having a wordpress blog to support the channel:

    - Tweet links to your video out onto Twitter

    - Post your videos on your Facebook profile, or create a Facebook page about your channel you can also utilise for "Facebook Creators"

    - Put a link to your channel or blog website in the profile for your instagram, and post a still image shot same day as the video to announce you've got a new video up.

    It also helps to give your channel a nudge by creating a trailer video for your channel.... YouTube may have taken away the channel trailers feature, but you can still create them and push them out through Google Ads if you're willing to splash the odd tenner or twenty and you're really serious about growing on YouTube.

    Big YouTubers likely won't help you if show more interest in getting people to your channel in their comments than you are in commenting on their video and getting directly involved in the comments.

    Sometimes it's better to catch bigger / average YouTubers on the other platforms they use like Twitter / Instagram / Facebook page...... like Steve McGranahan (wsredneck) + Jenna Jameson both follow my politics twitter account (Jenna has recently started doing Youtube too).

    I've had comment likes on YouTube from Dr Lee (Dad to OperatorDrewski + DemolitionRanch)... and Instagram comment likes from DemoRanch's brother Mark.

    I also had shout-outs on Twitch from LunkersTV + DemoRanch when they've done one of their rare livestreams there (One from Lunkers from Summer 2018 during a wild subscription gifting spree by the others in chat).

    There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube from independent creators showing how to grow, and I've got a playlist of some of them on my personal channel:

    Sometimes you've got to do something slightly different to what you normally do on your channel to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, I've got a playlist of examples of that type of video too:

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