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What is annual ryegrass?

I became interested in gardening when I found Garden Way's Joy of Gardening at a yard sale. There is a section on green manures. Annual ryegrass is planted in late summer, early fall, and dies over the winter. No Latin name is given. I've been to 2 Agways and nobody has heard of it. I bought winter rye which will resume growth next spring. Since the annual ryegrass is dead it can be tilled in right away, or seeded without tilling. What is it?

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    Annual ryegrass is another name for Italian ryegrass. It will only die over winter in very cold areas, though. Otherwise, it will keep growing until it sets seed, only dying after that.

    If you want a green manure, any ryegrass will do. Doesn't matter whether it's perennial or annual; all will die and rot once you dig them into the soil.

    Also, never let any green manure set seed. If you do, you'll be dealing with unwanted seedlings for years. Always dig them in before seeds form, ideally before they even start flowering, just to be on the safe side.

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    Annual ryegrass. A quick-growing, non-spreading bunch grass, annual ryegrass is a reliable, versatile performer almost anywhere, assuming adequate moisture and fertility. It does a fine job of holding soil, taking up excess N and outcompeting weeds.

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