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Can std testing be wrong?

I was recently tested for stds. I knew I was clean prior to this testing due to being tested before hand, and being safe during sex. Unfortunately, my gonorrhea test came back positive. I received treatment. The one and only partner I have had prior to this testing is the person I believe gave this to me. I advised him to go get tested as well, but his results came back negative. I am very confused because I know I did not have this STD before him, yet he supposedly doesn’t have it. I haven’t slept with anyone after him either- so what’s going on? I called to ask my doctor but they were unsure and told me that they would call back, but as you can imagine this is driving me crazy. I received a shot as well as 4 pills to take to treat this, and since- I’ve been having stomach cramps and unwanted bowel issues. Is there a chance they treated me even though I did not have gonorrhea? Or is it more likely his testing was inaccurate? Thank you!

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