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How long apart should I adopt 2 dogs? I have the money, time, and everything prepared, but don't want them to have litter-mate syndrome.?

I want them to bond at a young age. What is a good 'time-seperation' span? Thanks :)

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  • J C
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    4 weeks ago
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    Once the first dog is obedience trained and housetrained, you can think about the second. It's difficult to train two dogs at once, so get the first (being sure to get one that is dog-friendly) and start with the training. When you have the basics down - sit, stay, down, quiet - and good leash manners, plus house training, then you get the second dog.

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    Sometimes dogs come in 2's from situations like old people dying.. or someone needing to rehome both dogs for whatever reason. If they are already house broke and trained, it maybe a great deal for you <3 Good luck in your adoption venture !

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I have rescued 2 puppies from the same litter, 1 adult dog when I had another puppy, 2 adult dogs, 2 adults and 2 puppy. "Litter mate syndrome" has never been an issue.

    One dog passes. I rescue another dog. They are different ages, different breeds.

    If you need to ask about this I'm not so sure how well prepared you are.

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    Are you getting puppies or adult dogs? Either way, one at a time. Get the first one trained so that it obeys your commands instantly, consistently where you have 100% control of the dog. Then get the next one.

    Time? just depends on your abilities as the dogs trainer. The most used method of learning is through association & repetition, I said repetition & repetition. That is how you learned in school, you did things over & over & over again until you got it right. right? Same way a dog learns.

    How you go about training the dog will depend on the dogs age &/or baggage it carries from past owners.

    Just in case you haven't done any research on this, I googled part of your question & from what I saw most suggest one at a time & there are several ideas as to how far apart.

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    i would ask a vet this question

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    From.the shelter? Ask them, some are super strict on that. My rescue out in the country really has no limit granted if they can are a nice person and not into dog fighting or will.abuse them, or the dogs get along.

    I think a month is safe or at the same time to be honest. The longer you wait the more a dog gets used to being it their house. So it depends on the dogs too.

    Not all dogs will automatically accept a puppy, or even a new dog of the same sex or breed.

    Feel free to separate them.if they get rough. Tell them to be nice. Issue time outs for 20 minutes in a bedroom or outside if they get too much fighting or aggressive.

    • Stephanie
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      If I posted this asinine advice, I'd also post anonymously. "Time outs" for dogs? Not like you haven't posted that thought 100 times before!

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