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Can 2 rat terriers get along with a German shepherd?

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    • "Can 2 rat terriers get along with a German shepherd?"

    Why would a German shepherd (which is a German man or boy who looks after sheep) want any terriers? He would want a sheep-herding dog or 2.

    Like my country's Huntaway, the Rat Terrier (notice the punctuation) is not yet a BREED except in its homeland. In the USA the AKC does recognise it, but is so "independent" of the rest of the world that it hasn't provided the FCI with the information that would tell the FCI whether the dogs are "typey" enough, pure-bred enough, and numerous enough to justify them being accepted internationally as a dog BREED separate from the other terrier BREEDS.

    Terriers of almost ALL breeds have a reputation for being feisty and aggressive to other pooches, as well as to cats, mice, 'possums, rats, squirrels.

    If you have 2, I imagine that one is a male, one a bìtch, and both are neutered.

    Even so, I am pretty sure that a German Shepherd Dog aka GSD (the BREED that most German shepherds use) would find even one Rat Terrier hard to tolerate. And if the Rat Terriers have been a pair for quite some time, I imagine that they would find the GSD hard to tolerate.

    I strongly recommend that you forget the idea of having a third pooch of ANY breed.

    Our 5 GSDs and my wife's Cairn Terrier got on okay for the about 18 months it took my wife to realise that her Cairn Terrier was NOT as admirable as the GSDs are, so rehomed her (she produced 2 champions for her new owner); but they were hardly ever together, each having its own personal sleeping-box and pen.

    GSDs are MUCH easier to train than are terriers (terriers are notorious for inheriting a gene that produces instant deafness as soon as their pet human attempts to issue a command that would interfere with whatever "fun" the terrier was planning on enjoying - and that deafness lasts as long as it takes for the terrier to HAVE that fun and become tired & hungry....

    Most breeders of terriers have to separate their pups quite early if they want to raise more than 3 - especially if those 3 are all of the same gender.

    As the previous 2 answerers pointed out:-

    Although there are EXPECTATIONS of how members of a BREED will act & look, each dog is an INDIVIDUAL.

    But you haven't SHOWN - and cannot SHOW - us how well or badly your pair get on with each other, with cats etc, with a new dog. You haven't even thought to tell us the AGE, GENDER, whether fertile or neutered, what facilities you have to ensure they stay home, what facilities you have to keep them SEPARATED when you cannot personally supervise them.

    You haven't even thought to tell us WHY you want a 3rd pooch.

    If you decide to go ahead, any deaths resulting will be on your conscience.

    Kreaky Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD breeder & trainer since 1968

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    That will all depend on the temperaments and characters of the individual dogs and if they are compatible together.

    Its nothing to do with `breed` as to whether dogs get along or not.

    Also gender and age of the animals can be a deciding factor.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years. (UK)
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    This is like asking if one Nationality of people in general gets along with another.

    It's an INDIVIDUAL issue.

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    Dogs don't car about breed, they care about energy from the dogs and from you

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    It depends which German Shepherd you mean. If it's the fanny who posts on here then I doubt it. He really is an obnoxious arsehóle.

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    i would hope so

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