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What is the earliest year someone was born and photographed at some point in there life?

If the camera came out in 1816, I'm looking for a picture of an old person aged 90-100 around this time, likely born at the begginning of the 1700s, It's cool to think there are photos of people born 300 years ago, can anyone find the earliest born person to be photographed?

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    Google 'Conrad Heyer'

    He is usually considered to hold this record.

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    The photograph you are think of is not the negative type you are familiar with of the modern age and it is doubtful that anything from the early 1800, has survived.

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    Theoretically it's extremely unlikely anyone born before 1740 has been photographed, but the oldest person we currently know of was Conrad Heyer. It's possible that there are daguerreotypes of even older people forgotten in an archive somewhere or even in someone's family home.

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    Check out the link ........

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