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As odd as it is to say this, I was in a car accident yesterday and thanks to the car being decently older (made of steel) I was able to come out of it unscathed despite being on the side impacted. If it was a newer car I'm sure I would have been far more injured. Thanks to this I am now terrified of driving more than I was. I have a permit and am learning to drive but now I'm back to the point of not wanting to learn how to drive because of how cars are made differently and with cheaper materials. But I need to learn so that I don't have to always rely on others for transportation. I would prefer to get a car made of steel and I would love examples. But in case I can't get an older one I would also like examples of the safest "newer" cars that make it possible to survive accidents like a steel car

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    When you want the truth, follow the money.

    40 years ago, cars were dead at 100,000 miles. Nowadays, 250,000 miles is common.

    Which means, with no other changes, the automobile manufacturers would sell less cars.

    So what they have come up with disposable cars -- with a minor collision cars are totaled.

    In minor collisions, the people survive better, the cars are destroyed.

    I used to post the facts, but no one cared, Hence, you have to see the facts yourself.

    It is difficult to prove, by you can work on the many years of the Statistical Abstract of the United States <pick a year.> You can look at how many cars on the road, how many collisions, how many deaths. The rate of deaths per accident was reduced of the decades into about 1980, and has since increased. Possibly because people, since they are told new cars are safe(r), they are driving faster. You can look at the Abstract at a good library, look at the dead tree version, they cannot change the "facts" that they are killing people for the money.

    In the '90's I had a '78 Ford LTD -- over 5,000 pounds, boxed frame that dog-legged to the sides, steel beams in the doors, steel bumpers front/rear mount on hydraulic rams. I got 7 MPG city, 11 MPG highway.

    Yeah, Old Detroit Iron survives better, at a huge cost at the gasoline pump. Not to mention either you need to be a auto mechanic, married to one, or a very friend of. Old School need a lot of maintenance.

    If you want to be safer, become a better driver -- learn how to see and avoid the idiots. To learn, ride a 125-150cc motor-scooter (AKA Vespa.) Fear is a great teacher.

    Most modern cars are nearly as safe as others. I got a smart Fortwo -- micro car, smaller than sub-compacts, but is better in crashes than any of them.

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    Your belief that you “would have been far more injured” in a modern car is totally incorrect.

    Your claim to have escaped “unscathed” is totally contradicted by “far more injured”

    as that statement clearly means that you didn’t escape totally “unscathed”. You were either injured to some degree or you weren’t.

    Modern cars are very carefully designed to give maximum protection to both the occupants and to minimise injuries to other road users. Yes, they crumple dramatically and have loads of internal airbags, and unlike old cars can be insurance write-offs in accidents which are reasonably minor. But the occupants are vastly less likely to suffer any injuries at all. Older cars with thicker steel and heavier construction can escape collisions with fairly minor damage, but because they do not progressively crumple to absorb the impact energy they transmit far more of that energy to the occupants. At the very least there's often bruising, at the worse end there are broken necks.

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      I mean this in the best way but I do have to tell you this-
      When you first started off I thought you were being rude, especially in the second paragraph there. So that might be a heads up in advance. And no I wasn't injured, unless you count mental injuries then yes I was.

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    Today's cars are made of steel also. And they are far safer than cars of old as the computer modeling and simulation, plus the passive restraints like air bags and other safety features are far more advanced than days of yore...……….

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