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Glowing up(?) or is it just in my head?

When I was a sophomore in high school I used to not care about my hair so I’d just let my hair grow a lot, and I used to have a bad skin, pimples everywhere, small but ugly pimples, and because of that I used to wear large hoodies to cover my face, and 3 people probably called me ugly throughout the year, I was 16 at the time, but now that I’m 18 almost 19 in 2 months, I have a really clear skin, a good haircut, and I dress really nice, and Everytime I look in the mirror or when people take pictures of me I feel like I look a lot better. but I’m still insecure because of my sophomore year, and because of that sometimes it makes me feel like I’m still ugly. is it just in my head? the way you dress and a good haircut+ Clear skin can really change the way people perceive you ? 

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    its in your head. an experience can stay with you even after you look or act different. do not let it keep on making you feel bad or insecure

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