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what existed before the big bang?

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    There's no way to tell.  One of the theories I like is that the universe will expand to a certain size and then begin to contract, until it shrinks back down to a 'singularity'.  Then there will be another big boom.  Perhaps this has already happened several times, this expansion/contraction cycle.  But there's absolutely no evidence for this idea, or any other explanation.  Some things are just mysteries!

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    Chaos and pure randomness not an intelligent creator!

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    that's a tv series.................find the answer by watching the reruns

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      yeah a sh-it tv series

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    A burning fuse ?

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    The previous big bang.

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    we have zero idea,,not quite correct,we can intuit all was swiss cheese

    heaven,hell,, prior to creation one might offer that a previous universe collapsed having finished a cycle of a same similar or vastly different universe built over 'billions' of some time frame or other,composed of strange particles elements and processes,,we just do not know

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    The Big Foreplay

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    ANSWER: Perhaps the universe has been perpetually expanding, but, since time didn't exist at the beginning, or existed in a different measurement, we can't find the beginning. Perhaps the universe oscillates from big bang to big crush, and back again. Likely we don't even notice these bangs and crushes because we are inside the universe. FURTHER DISCUSSION: The big bang is not an explosion of matter (which we could measure by inserting a make-believe grid), rather, it is an expansion of the grid (called spacetime) itself. Space and time are getting larger, thus making it seem as though all matter is moving apart from all other matter (with no center of the explosion....every part is moving away from every other part). Extrapolating from where we are not to the beginning of the big bang, physicists believe that the whole universe existed in a single dot of no dimensions at all. That is, no width, no height, no depth, and no time. This is called a singularity (a zero-sized dot). In this singularity, the laws of physics don't exist. Velocity, for example, is impossible to calculate since velocity is distance over time. I suspect that the universe was never quite as small as a singularity, because I think that someone would repel matter before the laws of physics completely break down. So, I think that the entire universe was never a singularity, but was a very small object that existed as a huge quantum state (repelled by forces like the strong force and weak force). It is hard to talk about the time before time existed, since time seems to have started when the big bang did. I see no reason to think that our universe was the only one in existence. Perhaps there were other universes around us. If it is true that the universe is large enough to suck back all of its matter (oscillating universe theory), that would mean that the universe is a black hole. Traditionally, scientists believed that black holes are powerful enough to crush all matter before it is sucked in. However, if we are in a black hole, we are uncrushed and living normally. An oscillating universe, then, might be going through its motions without even affecting us inside. So, perhaps the universe continually expands and contracts (somewhat like an intrinsic pulsar). These theories don't need external matter to work, but what if matter outside of our universe was sucked in. We know that normal black holes suck matter in through their poles. Could it be that matter from outside is finding its way to the outer edge of our galaxy? We can't even see the outer edge of our galaxy because the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. We can only see the stars as they existed billions of years ago (because it takes light billions of years to travel billions of light years, so we see them before their part of space expanded to the point of going away faster than the speed of light). Recent studies of cosmic microwave background radiation hint that the universe is not going to oscillate, but will continue to expand indefinitely. I wonder if dark energy (now thought to be the reason for accelerated expansion) might be from outside the universe.

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      Extrapolated back, the Universe would have been infinitely dense. There was no expansion before the big bang.

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    The Big Schlop !!

     And us Dinosaurs making Cosmic Soup 

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    Source(s): That is as Accurate as I can surmise
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    Ultimately - from what we're able to detect *within* the Big Bang - we can't know... At least, not yet.  

    For us, time started *at* the Big Bang... anything that may have occurred "before" is outside of our possible experience.  

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