Should I sell RV’s, Insurance, or stay at Car sales?

I’ve been in sales 3 years and I’m at a Corporate owned car lot that worries more about tracking my calls and sending out 5 videos per day than how many I sell. We had a meeting about my poor performance on a call where I got the appointment set but didn’t open him up to more cars on the call. I have my P&C and Life/Health licenses already and now have an offer from an RV manager saying no interview just come see him when I’m ready. I’ve got a wife and 3 kids and I can’t seem to get ahead at this lot. I sold at other lots before and made more money, but I was new and not burnt out. Any suggestions or experience? Only need about $55k/year gross to get ahead. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    You clearly can sell but are unhappy where you now work and feel demotivated.

    Sales is an awful job when you feel that way, and when it saps your confidence your performance inevitably falls.

    Time to seek a new challenge. RV sales are low volume, high value and usually high profit. The customers are also often people with excellent credit ratings. Dealerships are not usually large corporations either, so you instantly become a big fish in a small pond. Your extensive sales experience through booms and busts can also mean you may be valued as a staff trainer where you can negotiate a consultancy-based fee and possibly a cut on all sales made by those you train for a set period.

    Go for it. Life is too short to be stuck in jobs you dislike.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I don't think anyone can say what is best for you and your area.

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